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Trades of Hope

Trades of Hope is a fair trade company that exists to help mothers keep their babies and care for their children. They partner with women artisans around the world and pay them fair wages to create ethnic jewelry and accessories so they can escape difficult circumstances. These women take pride in their work and are beautiful pillars of strength for their families, friends and their communities. When you purchase through the Trades of Hope website using our special links, our podcasters receive a commission.

Beauty By Design

Beauty by Design is on a mission to make finding the right skincare easier than ever! Too often, we’re unsure if we’re using the right products and end up disappointed when we don’t see results. Beauty By Design is the first skincare brand that provides precision-matched formulas with unlimited expert guidance from your own personal Esthetician. They’ve created a line that’s five times larger than traditional brands, harnessing the benefits of 250 natural performance ingredients! Visit our special link and use promo code EMPOWEREDMAMA to get 20% off your order!

Simple Health

Simple Heath provides a simple solution to birth control. They believe all women deserve access to birth control. That’s why they prescribe it online and deliver it free—no doctor or pharmacy visits required. No insurance? No problem! Simple Health understands it isn’t always available. That’s why they offer affordable birth control regardless of your coverage. Their OBGYNs and physicians will help you find birth control that fits your lifestyle, whether that’s the pill, patch or ring. Prescriptions are usually $20, but our podcast listeners can try Simple Health for FREE just go to our special link and enter promo code COMMONSENSE at checkout.


Lola is a female-founded company with a more modern approach to feminine care. After all, if we care so much about the food we eat, we shouldn’t we also care about our tampons, pads, liners and cleansing wipes, right? Unlike other major brands, LOLA products are 100% natural and easy to feel good about. No BS, mystery fibers, or doubts about what’s going in your body. Plus, LOLA products come in a simple, customizable subscription.  Save 40% on your subscription visit their website and enter promo code EMPOWEREDMAMA at checkout!


KiwiCo celebrates kids’ natural creativity and curiosity while saving time for busy parents. The goal is that through play, kids get an enriching, learning experience that carries over into everything they do.  Every crate includes all the materials and inspiration for projects related to an age-appropriate theme. They offer high-quality award-winning products across seven brands for young makers ranging in age from 0 to 16+. Change the way you play with your kids…visit our special link and get your first crate absolutely free!


You’re busy all day long caring for little humans- but what about taking care of yourself? That’s why there’s care/of- a monthly subscription vitamin service that’s completely personalized. Take a fun, online quiz to learn more about your health goals and fully customize your vitamins. Then, your vitamins arrive at your door each month. And forget bottles… care/of sends you personalized packs with all the vitamins you need for the day- and it comes it a handy dispenser. Just grab a pack… and go!

Modern Fertility

“So, when are you going to have your next kid?” Sound familiar? Of course, it’s none of their business, but it is a good question. More and more families are having kids later in life- which requires a bit more planning. You know, that whole hormone thing. That’s why there’s Modern Fertility. This at-home fertility test examines your current hormone levels and breaks them down to help you better plan your family. You can also get more great information through the Modern Fertility weekly “Egginars” and private Slack group!


Kiddos have allergies or asthma? No parent wants to hear their child struggle to breathe. Molekule was created by a dad, who is also a scientist, to help cure his son’s wheezing. Unlike other air purifiers, Molekule helps parents destroy indoor air pollutants at the molecular level- completely removing them from the air you and your family breathe. Molekule has been tested and verified and their research is backed by the EPA.