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“So, when are you going to have your next kid?” Sound familiar? Of course, it’s none of their business, but it is a good question. More and more families are having kids later in life- which requires a bit more planning. You know, that whole hormone thing. That’s why there’s Modern Fertility. This at-home fertility test examines your current hormone levels and breaks them down to help you better plan your family. You can also get more great information through the Modern Fertility weekly “Egginars” and private Slack group! Visit our special link and get your test today!

Kiddos have allergies or asthma? No parent wants to hear their child struggle to breathe. Molekule was created by a dad, who is also a scientist, to help cure his son’s wheezing. Unlike other air purifiers, Molekule helps parents destroy indoor air pollutants at the molecular level- completely removing them from the air you and your family breathe. Molekule has been tested and verified and their research is backed by the EPA. Visit their website and enter our network promo code PREGGIEPALS for $75 off your first order.

Trades of Hope is a fair trade company that exists to help mothers keep their babies and care for their children. They partner with women artisans around the world and pay them fair wages to create ethnic jewelry and accessories so they can escape difficult circumstances. These women take pride in their work and are beautiful pillars of strength for their families, friends and their communities. When you purchase through the Trades of Hope website using our special links, our podcasters receive a commission.