Millennial Santa Podcast Family & Children Ask Father Christmas Questions

Millennial Santa has joined the Parents On Demand Network, and new episodes will be airing in November. It gives parents and children the chance to ask Santa questions and find out more about the North Pole.

San Diego, United States – October 22, 2018 /PressCable/ —

Millennial Santa has joined the Parents on Demand Network, a podcast network comprising of shows aimed at parents and families. The podcast began last year, and is an opportunity for millennials and their kids to learn more about Santa and how he’s adapted to technology and popular trends.

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New episodes start on November 15th, and are released daily through Christmas Day. Anyone can listen to Millennial Santa through the Parents On Demand website and free apps, to keep up-to-date with new episodes.

The premise behind the show is that a human child has hacked KELF, the North Pole’s radio station. Now they’re able to ask Santa questions from listeners so boys and girls can learn more about him. Listeners can join Sunny the Elf and Santa Claus as they give an insight into what the North Pole is like as they continue to spread Christmas cheer throughout the year.

In recent episodes, some of the questions have included what Santa loves most about Christmas. Other questions have included “What do reindeer really eat?”, “How do you take care of your beard?” and “Do you use Amazon Prime to deliver presents?”

The Parents on Demand Network can help parents to discover fun and educational podcasts for parents on a range of different subjects. The new addition of Millennial Santa makes for a great new holiday choice among all the podcasts available.

The podcast network was created by entrepreneur and mom of four, Sunny Gault, who has released more than 700 episodes focusing on a range of pregnancy and parenting topics.

The Parents On Demand Network is a collection of podcasts with content specifically created for families. Through their website and network app, parents can easily find and subscribe to programming that’s specific to their family’s interests and needs. For podcasters, the network is a great place to collaborate with similar shows, share ideas and resources and grow their audience.

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