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Twin Developmental Milestones: Social and Emotional

The social and emotional development of twins is a bit different when compared to singletons. Their innate ability to communicate with one another may appear more advanced, but what happens when you look at each twin individually? As a parent, how do y...

Episode 136

The world’s philosophies and trends are ever changing. Is it valuable for Christian parents to follow the newest fads? Does God’s Word offer answers to these questions? Does God even care? Join AMBrewster as he looks at 2018’s hottest...

Pregnancy When You Already Have Children

Having more than one child can make pregnancy a bit more challenging. When and how do you tell your other children that you're pregnant? How involved should they be in your pregnancy? And how do you have enough energy to physically take care of your ki...

Rest for the Exhausted Mom :: September McCarthy [Ep 189]

As an author, event planner, teacher, wife, mom of 10 and grandmother to 2, September McCarthy has plenty to fill her days. She relates to the universal exhaustion on our mom souls–the beating ourselves up and the fighting for joy.  September has so much wisdom to share from what God has taught her in seasons […]

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