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Networking on Facebook – The RIGHT Way!

Unfortunately, a big issue with Facebook is that there are a LOT of spammy people out there - and often times it's an issue of ignorance... If you behave on Facebook the way others are behaving - there is a possibility that you will pick up some bad ha...

135: Recovering from 4th Degree Tears

Laura Fry is a wife and mother to 3 amazing kids. She is a former health care professional, turned stay at home mom after the birth of her first son. During that birth she suffered a 4th degree perineal tear and in January 2015 created a Facebook suppo...

Educational Rights – Episode 45

Blaire Malkin, an attorney at Mountain State Justice, joins us to talk about the legal rights of students and their families. We discuss how to advocate for your child, what types of services and supports are available, and how to access them and more.

Ep. 70: Parent on Purpose with Amy Carney

“It is not about creating some outcome for the kids. It’s just about us coming together to figure out what values are really important to us, what type of adult we would like to launch, and how we can help them to get to that place.” Amy Carney In Epis...

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