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Breastfeeding Support: Local and Online

Breastfeeding support can truly make or break a mother’s breastfeeding experience. Yet, with so many local and online options, how’s a mother to choose which support will actually be beneficial? Today we're chatting with Sarah Ortega, a mother of four,...

Safety of Over-The-Counter Medications – PediaCast 223

Dr Marcel Casavant and Dr Cheryl Laubacher join Dr Mike in the PediaCast Studio for a discussion of over-the-counter medications. We’ll follow the life of a drug as it progresses from Rx to OTC and we’ll take a look at the serious safety risks these me...

Migraine Headaches – PediaCast 221

Dr Ann Pakalnis joins Dr Mike in the PediaCast Studio to discuss Migraine Headaches. We’ll cover the presentation, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of this common, and often debilitating, disorder.

Teach Your Baby to Swim

Drowning is the second highest cause of death amongst children four and younger. Teaching your baby to swim can prevent you from being one of these statistics. What skills are desperately needed for survival? How do you teach these skills to your child...

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