POD Network Parenting Podcast Family Audio Shows Mobile App Update Announced

The Parents On Demand Network updated its official Android and Apple app to allow users to customize their notifications according to the age of their children, thus receiving only the most relevant parenting and family podcasts.

San Diego, United States – February 28, 2019 /PressCable/ —

The Parents On Demand Network, a media company specializing in family and parenting podcasts, announced an updated version of its mobile app. The latest version of the POD app comes with the option to customize notifications based on the age of one s children, thus being informed whenever the most relevant podcast episodes have been uploaded. The app is free and is compatible with Apple and Android devices.

More information can be found at https://parentsondemand.com/apps.

Podcasts are growing increasingly popular with those looking to enjoy quality audio content on the go. The high portability of this type of content which can be easily listened to while driving, walking, jogging, cycling, or working around the house makes it ideal for busy parents looking to stay up-to-date with the latest parenting and family-oriented news.

With the latest update, the POD Network aims to offer its listeners an improved way to select which types of notifications they receive, thus being informed whenever potentially relevant shows go live.

The app automatically selects relevant podcasts based on the age of the user s children, thus ensuring that they receive only those podcasts that are useful and informative for their specific situation.

Using the POD app gives parents access to one of the web s largest selection of curated parenting shows, the POD network currently offering podcasts such as Birthful, Preggie Pals, Common Sense Pregnancy, Lean Green Dad, Mom & Mind, Mom Deconstructed, PediaCast, Pure Nurture, Twin Talks, and various others.

About Parents On Demand:

The Parents On Demand Network was created by prominent media personality, journalist and mother of four Sunny Gault to offer parents a large selection of the best parenting and family podcasts.

The network focuses on responding to the needs of both modern parents and parenting podcasters: Through our website and network app, parents can easily find and subscribe to programming that s specific to their family s interests and needs. For podcasters, the network is a great place to collaborate with similar shows, share ideas and resources and grow their audience.

Interested parties can find more information at the above-mentioned website, as well as at https://parentsondemand.com/about.