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Making Your Podcast Professional with Podcast Music and Sound Effects

Today, the world is brimming with podcasts devoted to virtually every topic under the sun. With such a vast expanse of choices on offer, crafting your podcast to stand out and attract listeners can certainly be challenging. One tried-and-true way to lend your podcast a glimmer of professionalism and quality is to load it with […]

Creating and Using Promos for Your Podcast

I’ve never met a podcaster who didn’t want to grow their audience. And we know a BIG way to do that is by being featured on similar podcasts- which means you need a podcast promo. But what should your promo sound like and where do you put it when you’re done?

Canva for Podcasters

Right now, there’s about 600,000 podcasts competing for your listeners. Which makes it more important than ever to properly market and promote your show. And a big part of promotion is grabbing people’s attention through amazing graphics. Don’t have time to create amazing graphics? Me neither…until I found Canva for Work.

When Podcasters Lose Their Voice

This may seem like a strange thing to talk about. For most people, losing their voice isn’t really a big deal. Annoying perhaps. But most people can still do their job if their voice isn’t at full capacity. But not podcasters. For podcasters, losing your voice can quickly become a nightmare.

Should You Re-Release Your Podcast Episodes?

For 99% of podcasters, releasing episodes on a regular basis is key for growing their audience. But, let’s get real. Who has time to always release new content? What about re-releasing podcast episodes? It may sound taboo, but it can be very helpful if you follow some simple rules.

Using Soundstripe For Podcast Music and Sound Effects

Legally downloading and using music can be very tricky for podcasters. Well, we’ve simplified the whole process for members of our network. Learn more about Soundstripe and how it can take your show to the next level!

Podcasting Trends with Apple’s Podcasts Connect

It’s important to know your audience. Yes, demographics are part of that- but understanding how they’re interacting (or failing to interact) with your podcast is crucial for your overall success. Thankfully, Apple Podcasts Connect can help shed some light on what your audience is thinking as they listen to your episodes.

Grow Your Show with Our Network Apps

Our network apps are a great tool because it’s an easy way for non-podcast listeners to learn about your show. Because hey, we already know parents have plenty of experience downloading apps for themselves and their kiddos. Our apps are also a great way for parents to discover other shows similar to the podcasts they’re already listening to!

Creating Commercial Spots for Your Podcast

If you have a podcast, then you need to start planning to have “commercial” breaks in your show. We’re here to help you better understand how podcast advertising works and how you can incorporate these spots into your show.

Why Your Podcast Needs a Podcast Script or Outline

I’m amazed at how many podcasters don’t have some sort of script or outline for their podcast. Having a document that at least outlines your episode is essential for you, your guests and your editor. Don’t know where to start? Here are some great tips for improving your script writing and your overall delivery.

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