Grow Your Show with Our Network Apps

Our network apps are a great tool because it’s an easy way for non-podcast listeners to learn about your show. Because hey, we already know parents have plenty of experience downloading apps for themselves and their kiddos. Our apps are also a great way for parents to discover other shows similar to the podcasts they’re already listening to!

Today we’re breaking down our network apps so you can better share it with your audience which will help grow your show!

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Here are some things you’ll discover in this video…

  • Why our network decided to launch our own apps.
  • How your listeners can favorite, download and share your episodes.
  • Where listeners can find the most recent episodes across all the shows on our network.
  • A great way listeners can send you voice messages through the app to use on your show!
  • Push notifications and how we’re using them to cross-promote podcasts on our network.
  • How listeners can access our app through Apple Carplay and Android Auto.

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