Podcaster Training

Repurposing Your Podcast Content

As podcasters, many of us spend a lot of time focused on creating great content- which is good. But if you’re just focused on your podcast, and you’re not repurposing your content to reach as many people as possible, you’re really missing out.

Understanding Copyright Laws For Your Podcast

Many people think using copyright material in your podcast is a bad thing. But it’s only bad if you don’t go through the right channels and get permission to use that material. After all, that’s why copyrights exist. So, how do you get permission- and is the process really worth it for podcasters?

Should You Copyright Protect Your Podcast?

You’ve worked really hard on your podcast, shouldn’t you protect it? Yes, ideally, but it can be costly. And most podcasters aren’t necessarily in a financial position to invest money into a copyright if they’re just testing things out.

How Should You Promote Your Podcast on Facebook?

It may no longer be the coolest kid on the block, but we know parents are on Facebook. That means Facebook should be a part of your overall marketing strategy to gain new listeners for your podcast. But how can our shows gain traction with the platform’s ever-changing algorithms?

Promoting Affiliate Programs On Your Podcast

You’ve heard of using affiliate programs to generate revenue for your blog or website, but what about your podcast? The truth is most podcasters aren’t using affiliate programs, or they’re not using them correctly. You see, podcasting is personal. You can’t just throw promo codes and links at your listeners and hope something sticks.

Do Podcasts Need Release Forms?

We framed this topic as a question, but it really isn’t. Yes, you need release forms for your podcast. So, why aren’t many podcasters doing it? Gordon Firemark, entertainment media and business lawyer (and podcaster), joins us to discuss.

Top 5 Mistakes Podcasters Make Within 60 Seconds Of Their Episodes

Yes, this is the longest video title EVER! But it’s also one of the most important. We spend so much time trying to get people to “check out” our episodes. But, have you ever stopped to think about what they are actually hearing within the first 60 seconds of your episodes?

How to Organize Your Podcast Online

If you want a successful podcast that doesn’t drive you crazy, you need to stay organized. Inevitably, you will need to collaborate with other people and share files, and that’s where the chaos begins. We have some essential tips (and free downloads) to help you along the way.

Why Podcasters Should Use Megaphone

There are many different podcast host providers out there- but not all are created equal. Far from it, actually. However, if your show is serious about advertising and promotion, you should be on Megaphone. Learn more about the benefits for podcast networks.