Podcasting Trends with Apple’s Podcasts Connect

It’s important to know your audience. Yes, demographics are part of that- but understanding how they’re interacting (or failing to interact) with your podcast is crucial for your overall success. Thankfully, Apple Podcasts Connect can help shed some light on what your audience is thinking as they listen to your episodes.

Today, we’re giving you an overview on how to use Podcasts Connect to better understand your audience and their listening habits.

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Here are some things you’ll discover in this video…

  • How to login and access Podcasts Connect.
  • Keeping everything in context- why Podcast Connect is just a snapshot of your listeners.
  • How to compare the stats of your episodes- when you have multiple podcasts.
  • Where you can find stats on a single podcast and individual episodes.
  • How to determine the percentage of listeners who subscribe to your show.
  • What you can learn about each of your episodes from the timeline view.

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