Repurposing Your Podcast Content

As podcasters, many of us spend a lot of time focused on creating great content- which is good. But if you’re just focused on your podcast, and you’re not repurposing your content to reach as many people as possible, you’re really missing out.

Today we’re going to review seven different ways you can repurpose and reuse the content you create for your podcast- so you can continually reach out to new people and grow your audience.

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Here are some things you’ll discover in this video…

  • Why repurposing always starts with recording video- preferably live video
  • Resources for easily transcribing the audio for your podcast, so you can repurpose the info.
  • And easy way to create a PDF “freebie” for your listeners!
  • How to use YouTube to promote your podcast (without uploading whole episodes)
  • How reading this article from Social Media Examiner can help get your podcast on Alexa.
  • What audiences really want to see on your social media posts for your episodes.

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