Understanding Copyright Laws For Your Podcast

Many people think using copyright material in your podcast is a bad thing. But it’s only bad if you don’t go through the right channels and get permission to use that material. After all, that’s why copyrights exist.

So, what are the common ways podcasters may encounter copyright issues when producing their show? And what should you do if you’d like to use material that’s copyright protected? How do you get permission- and is the process really worth it?

Gordon Firemark, entertainment media and business lawyer (and podcaster) breaks things down for us. Be sure to check out his website http://www.gordonfiremark.com.

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Here are some things you’ll discover in this video…

  • What exactly is a copyright and what is its purpose?
  • Commmon ways podcasters can experience copyright issues when producing their episodes.
  • A breakdown of how to get permission to legally use copyright material in your podcast.
  • Potential consequences if you get caught for illegally using copyright material in your show.

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