95: Postpartum Nutrition for Postpartum Healing

My postpartum looked NOTHING like what I had thought it would, due to the timing of my son’s early birth and the following 109 days spent in NICU. Life was crazy and unpredictable during that time, and my own nutrition was the LAST thing on my mind. I craved the wrong things, didn’t even remember to eat sometimes, and certainly didn’t realize the importance of nutrition in the healing my body was going through after giving birth. I wish I had known THEN what I know NOW!

My friend and colleague, Lily Nichols, is a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist, Certified Diabetes Educator, researcher, and author. She has a passion for evidence-based prenatal nutrition and exercise, and her unique approach has helped thousands and influenced nutritional policies around the globe. Lily has researched and written about traditional diets recommended for pregnancy in different cultures. She shares with us the long-term effects of poorly-managed gestational diabetes, how “warming” foods help with postpartum healing, and the nutritional needs of the breastfeeding mother. We also discuss suggestions for good nutrition when you’re like I was, stuck in the NICU for 12-13 hours for day after day—focusing on your baby’s nutrition but not caring about your own nutritional needs. There are supplements that can help in healing, but Lily’s top tip is to rest, recover, and receive support during those postpartum weeks. We all need to lean on the people around us for the support we need!

“Self-care is sometimes about not doing anything extra to take care of yourself, but about taking things off your plate.”


Real Food for Gestational Diabetes by Lily Nichols

Real Food for Pregnancy by Lily Nichols


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