193: HOME BIRTH STORY – Blood Sugar Challenges and a Birth Center Closing at 34 Weeks with Bridgette Piatt

What can make a birth traumatic?

There are a multitude of answers, because everyone has their own experience and ways of processing and healing.

For Bridgette Piatt, she believes the trauma associated with her first birth in the hospital was the result of poor relationships with care providers. This inspired her to look into other options for her second pregnancy, however she wasn’t sure of home birth just yet. She and her husband Daniel, who was actually born at home, explored midwives and landed on a birthing center.

Bridgette considers herself to have a planner’s personality and didn’t really think home birth was for her. She preferred the added safety that she felt the birth center provided. But then, the birth center closed unexpectedly when Bridgette was 34 weeks pregnant! The other birth center option didn’t resonate. So it came back to that care provider connection. She trusted her midwife and had developed such a close relationship with her that it ultimately influenced her to have a home birth.

So we get into all of the details of that as well as the blood sugar challenges that Bridgette experienced in both pregnancies and what she learned as far as nutrition during pregnancy and releasing any guilt around gestational diabetes or anything close to it.

Oh and another twist - the midwife who delivered Daniel all of those years ago attended Bridgette’s home birth! Listen in to hear the incredible story.



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