194: HOME BIRTH STORY – Rainbow Home Birth Baby After 2 Miscarriages and a Stillbirth with Mellisa Reeves of Motherbirth

What would you do if you really trusted yourself?

This is a beautiful question that comes up in today’s episode, and I think everyone can take something from it and carry it into their lives.

Mellisa Reeves of Motherbirth is sharing part of her journey with us. From some of the traumatic elements of her first hospital birth with her first son Aiden, a stillbirth in hospital at 41 weeks pregnant with her second son Rowan and two subsequent miscarriages, she brings us to the healing process and experience of her home birth with her daughter, Etney.

And along the way, Mellisa leaned into her passions and opportunities to help other women with loss. She started a podcast and online community called Motherbirth with her friend Laura, and has been coaching and providing resources for women and families.


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