197: HOME BIRTH STORY – High-Risk Pregnancy, Traditional Midwives and Trusting Your Body with Erin Zekis

How do you learn to trust your body after some difficult experiences and a high-risk label?

In today’s episode, we’re talking with Erin Zekis about her journey to home birth.

From premature labor with her first pregnancy and a hospital transfer, to exploring different methods of care for her second pregnancy, Erin and her husband Kevin were very intentional about what they wanted to experience for the birth of both their sons, Tobin and Aldrin.

Erin walks us through her process of coping with elements of her first birth, fears around premature labor and waters breaking early, to working with a traditional midwife for her second birth.

AND - Erin has kinda been on the show before! Back in episode 163, we read an email that she sent to show and she shared that she has an oxytocin tattoo! How cool is that?!



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