206: HOME BIRTH STORY – A Home Birth Transfer to the Hospital is Not a Failure with Allison Rich

Has anyone ever felt like a failure because their birth didn’t go exactly the way they planned?
We think this happens far too often. That’s why we’re happy we have conversations like the one we have today on the podcast. Allison Rich joins us to share her birth story. 
After a false diagnosis of PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) medically mismanaged miscarriage, Allison and her husband Rafe wanted a different experience the next time they got pregnant. 
Allison actually met with a group of midwives after her miscarriage (before becoming pregnant again) to talk about her experience, process and discuss what it could look like in the future for her. 
Finally when she was pregnant again, she felt both excited and terrified at the same time. We go into her birth planning process and then the “incredible blur” of the birth. Allison talks about extending grace to yourself and realizing how hard we can be on ourselves when it comes to our births. This is a must listen for anyone nervous about hospital transfer or who experienced one and could use some extra support and affirmation.
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