214: HOME BIRTH STORY – Training for the Marathon of Birth with Brooke Cates, Founder and CEO of The Bloom Method

Can you train for the experience of birth?
We’ve often heard birth compared to a marathon. Most people have a lot of intense and focused training when it comes to their marathons. So how can a woman prepare for the marathon of birth? 
In today’s birth story we’re chatting with Brooke Cates, the founder and CEO of The Bloom Method, a pre and postnatal fitness method and training for the modern mama. 
Brooke shares her home birth story of her son Leven and how she applied all of her knowledge and breath work to the experience. She talks about the strength and the ability to soften and surrender as important parts of birth.
Plus she shares part of her postpartum journey and what it’s been like running TBM as a new mama, as well as talks about the viral video of some TBM breathing techniques. 
This is an empowering conversation for mamas interested in stepping into motherhood with more awareness of your body after giving birth. 

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