217: HOME BIRTH STORY – 5-Hour Home Birth Plus Mom and Dad are Both Birth Workers with Caitlin and Drew Hutcheon

How long was your birth?
We tend to made assumptions about the birth experience based on how long it was. Especially if it was very fast. Some might think, “Oh, wow that’s awesome! You’re so lucky!”
But it’s not always that simple. In today’s episode, we talk to both mom and dad! Caitlin and Drew Hutcheon join us to talk about their pregnancy and birth of their son Harbor.
Both Caitlin and Drew are in the birth world! They served on the board of the Birth Network of Monterey while living there. And Caitlin is also an Evidence Based Birth instructor, Birth Chemistry educator, Doula and birth activist. 
Their birth lasted a total of 5 hours. Despite things moving very quickly, there were some challenges and things to move through, like not being totally prepared for birth and communication around how fast things were actually progressing. This is great support in the conversation of processing parts of your birth that don’t exactly go to plan. Your feelings are valid and everyone has their own experience and way to cope.
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