219: HOME BIRTH STORY – Home Birth After 3 Cesareans (HBA3C) with Dedra Straka

What if you felt like no one believed in your body’s ability to birth your baby?
What if a care provider told you that just by being pregnant you were making an unsafe choice?
Today we talk to Dedra Straka, mama of 4. Dedra had a home birth for her fourth, after 3 cesarean births. She had always dreamed of a home birth, but due to multiple circumstances and methods of care after her first cesarean, she would try for a VBAC for the next two but felt cornered and pressured. Following her third birth, doctors noticed a thin left lower uterine segment (essentially the thinning of the uterine lining, which could potentially cause future complications).
After waiting the recommended 2-3 years before becoming pregnant again, Dedra and her husband Joshua thought it would be another cesarean for their fourth birth. But unpleasant encounters with a doctor who claimed she was putting her child’s life in danger by even being pregnant, she no longer wanted to be in his care.
Utilizing resources like the local ICAN community and finding a midwife who could support her process, Dedra eventually moved into a plan for a home birth. This is an inspiring story of coming full circle in the process of informed, empowered choice and healing when it comes to birth.
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