220: HOME BIRTH STORY – From Hospital to Birth Center to Home to Possible Free/Unassisted Birth with Emilee Petrill

How does the experience of one birth influence the plans for births that follow?
Today we chat with Emilee Petrill, and we pack a lot into a sub-hour conversation. Emilee has experienced a hospital birth with her first son Corbyn, a birthing center for her son Penn and finally a home birth for her son Moxy. She walks us through the processes and decisions around each of those experiences. 
Then we get into the details of her home birth, and why she’s thinking about a free/unassisted birth for a future baby. 
Bonus topics in this conversation include Emilee’s experience with consuming her placenta and why she’s a big advocate for it, the 10,000+ oz of breast milk she has donated and how the Doing It At Home podcast and community has impacted her body image and sex life!

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