222: HOME BIRTH STORY – Healing Through Trauma After a 48-Hour Labor and Unplanned Cesarean with Katie Suder

What do you do when it’s difficult to come to terms with how your birth unfolded?
In today’s episode, Katie Suder shares her journey with us. From her unexpected and joyful pregnancy to currently 9 months postpartum and still processing a lot of her birth experience.
While waiting the few weeks before she could see an OBGYN for her first appointment, Katie had time to reflect and research on her options. This led her and her fiance Andrew to a home birth midwife.
Fast forward to birth, baby Andrew Michael was 13 days past guess date. After laboring for 30 hours at home, Katie and her team transferred to the hospital. Katie and the supportive staff did everything possible to facilitate a vaginal birth. The cesarean, though necessary, was traumatic. Katie is beautifully honest about how she’s felt over the months and we know her story will touch the community and have a ripple effect of healing.
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