224: HOME BIRTH STORY – Risking Out of Home Birth at 40 Weeks Pregnant with Laura Smoker

What if you had to change your birth plans on your due date?

This happened for Laura Smoker, as she prepared for and planned a home birth, however had to shift plans when she risked out due to concerns around her blood pressure and possible preeclampsia.

Laura and her husband Joshua wanted a home birth following 3 miscarriages and some of the hospital experiences associated with them. Laura is beautifully open about her journey with loss and how she processed being pregnant for the fourth time and finally being able to hear a heartbeat at 13 weeks. And we hear all about baby Elliot’s entrance into the world.

Despite the changes to the birth plan, Laura acknowledges that she got to experience everything she wanted minus the specific location. In her words, “I know there are many people who desire a home birth that can't have it for some reason and I feel that sharing my positive hospital experience and what made it that way could be helpful to others.”

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