228: How Nutrition and Real Food Prepare You for Pregnancy and Birth with Lily Nichols

What and how should you eat during pregnancy?

This is a big question that comes up often, and there are lots of thoughts around it. So where is a place where you can get all the info you need, in a clear, empowering and informative way?

Enter Lily Nichols, our guest today. Lily is a real food dietitian, specialist in prenatal nutrition and gestational diabetes, and best-selling author of two books: Real Food for Pregnancy and Real Food for Gestational Diabetes. 

In this interview we discuss:Benefits of real food for pregnancy (both for baby’s optimal development and also to minimize pregnancy complications and ease postpartum recovery for mama)Nutritional management of preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, nausea, heartburn & moreMindfulness, stress management, exercise, avoidance of toxinsFoods to emphasizeFoods that can be helpful during labor (if you are able to eat and drink during the experience)

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