230: Designing Your Birth and What You Desire with Holistic Doula Christy Robinson

Did you listen to (or are you currently listening)yourself when it comes to your desires around your birth?

In today’s episode, we have the pleasure of speaking with Christy Robinson, holistic doula for birth as well as transition (death). Christy is not just a powerhouse of a woman and a pillar within her communities when it comes to service, education and creative work, but she’s a close friend of ours.

In this interview we hear about Christy’s journey into doula work as well as some of her experiences and insights from her 10 plus years in the birth world.

We also talk about advocacy, designing your birth and honoring your internal desires. And the topic of women of color and the birth world and how we can empower ourselves and our communities to give and receive better care and education.

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