231: Birth, Gender Fluidity and 4th Trimester Bodies Project with Ash Luna

How do we heal?

One way is to share with others, create community and connection.

In today’s episode, we chat with Ash Luna, photographer and founder of 4th Trimester Bodies Project. Ash shares part of their incredible story with us. From their interest and desire for home birth to their experience with loss, trauma and grief. Ash opens up their world and gives perspective of life with her family including her partner Flowers and their children Xavier (13), Nova (6) and Sol (8 months).

We’ve followed Ash and part of their journey on social media for a while now, so we’re very grateful that they joined us for an honest and informative conversation.

We learn about their experience of twin to twin transfer syndrome in their second pregnancy, which resulted in the passing of baby Aurora and the 24 week, 1 lb. birth of baby Nova. In their third birth, Ash had a magical home birth for baby Sol.

We also talk about non-binary parenting and gender as a spectrum. Plus some of the story behind 4th Trimester Bodies Project and what an amazing community and following it has created.

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