234: HOME BIRTH STORY – Talking Home Birth and Placental Encapsulation With Jenny DiPietro (Rebroadcast)

In this episode we're talking with mom of 4 Jenny DiPietro, who has had multiple home births, a home birth turned hospital transfer, a water birth at home, and who performs placenta encapsulation for families. We get into a lot in this one!  Oh yeah, and we’re also entering a new phase of the podcast! In addition to our episodes that feature Matthew and me discussing some topic related to home birth, we’re publishing our conversations with moms and families who have experienced home birth along with professionals and thought leaders on the subject. Jenny is the first to kick off this endeavor. As I said, she's a mom of 4, who has experienced both home and hospital birth. In our talk, we cover things like:

  • The details of her births
  • What went into her decision-making process to choose home birth
  • Her work as a Placenta Encapsulation Specialist
  • The importance of education in the pregnancy and birthing journey We’re very excited to bring other stories and perspectives of home birth to you. Enjoy! 

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