241: Perinatal Mental Health and the Importance of Trauma-Informed Birth Workers with Ashley Mariani

Why is it important for birth workers to be “trauma-informed?”

In today’s episode, we have Ashley Mariani join us for a conversation on mental health and wellness in the birth world. Ashley is a clinical social worker and psychotherapist who specializes in perinatal mental health and couples.

We talk about how birth workers can be informed to best serve their clients/patients in having an empowered and educated birth experience. Ashley shares her expertise, observations and own personal experience to stress the importance of inclusivity, accessibility and safe environment to create the best outcomes for everyone. 

And for birthing parents and families, how they can “date” their care provider to make sure it’s the best fit and to have standards through which they’ll operate within the relationship.

Plus, Ashley shares a little bit of her birth journey with her son Silas and what her plans are for future birth(s). 

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