Stress & Setting Boundaries with Amee Quiriconi

Amee Quiriconi Marketing and Business Consultant by day and self-help vigilante by night. She podcasts at One Broken Mom and today she shares insights on exposing our kids to the negative side of entrepreneurship.

  • Start with your origin story.
    • Amee’s been an entrepreneur for 16 years.
    • She developed a way to make a recycled content countertop.
    • She actually enjoyed working
    • Having your own business is a very stressful place to be with a lot of ups and downs.
  • How did you handle the balance between your kids and your business?
    • The balance between she and her spouse was really tough
    • There’s a lot of guilt when you try to do someone else’s approach.
    • In the early days, entrepreneurship requires all of your energy.
    • If you go into it knowing there are going to have to be some down periods, that makes everything easier.
    • Always double how long you think it’s going to take to get your business off the ground.
  • How do we determine how much to let our kids in on and where those boundaries lie.
    • Your kids will let you know if you’ve gone too far.
      • You have to look for their behavior.
    • Kids will start to feel needy to you and respond to you in that way.
    • As kids get older there’s a danger ignoring your kids own autonomy.
  • What kinds of jobs did you have as a child?
    • Her mother was entrepreneurial.
    • As the oldest, her job was to take care of her younger siblings.
    • When she opened her first shop, she hired a group of young men like her brothers.
    • She would take babysitting jobs, and worked at an ice cream shop.
  • How many siblings do you have?
    • She has three younger brothers.
  • How do you think providing for your kids and giving them a better life is affecting them?
    • It’s a matter of letting them see what it’s like, but also not scaring them.
    • She doesn’t talk about every hardship she has with her job and clients.
    • You have to overcome the scarcity mentality.
    • You need your children to understand the value of what they get for the money.
    • You have to consider age-appropriateness for kids too.
  • Do you do a lot with financial coaching?
    • She maps out finances for her clients.
    • One of the best determiners of whether someone will default on their loan is whether they grew up in a family of entrepreneurs or not.
  • Tell us more about your podcast.
    • She started it because she went through a huge metamorphosis as a parent.
    • She realized how much childhood effects you as an adult.
    • Your self-awareness allows you to start doing a better job of tuning into your kids.


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