An Open and Honest IVF Story Featuring Carly Kenihan of BunBunBook

Was your journey into motherhood not as easy as expected? We know that moms connect most to other moms when they open up candidly about their experiences in motherhood. With that in mind, on today’s episode, we are talking to our friend Carly Kenihen of Bun Bun Book about her battle with infertility and the silver lining that came from this experience. She also shares about her experience with her twins having to stay in the NICU.


What’s In This Episode:

  • How Carly’s career has shifted since becoming a mom
  • When she started Bun Bun Book & how it has transitioned over time
  • The point at which Carly felt ready to become a mom
  • When she knew it was time to investigate deeper into her fertility
  • The process & timeline of getting pregnant with Slater & Zoe
  • Her diagnosis of endometriosis and the decision to move forward with IVF
  • The feelings and emotions Carly and her husband faced throughout the process of IVF
  • What the process looked like after the egg retrieval
  • Her experience learning that the first round of IVF was unsuccessful
  • Carly’s hesitancy in sharing her feelings throughout her battle with infertility and why she finally decided to share their story on the blog
  • How Carly found support along her IVF journey after sharing her story
  • When the second transfer took place
  • Carly’s reaction to finding out she was pregnant
  • Her pregnancy experience with the twins
  • When Slater & Zoe were born
  • Their experience in the NICU
  • Carly’s advice for anyone experiencing infertility or walking through a NICU experience


About Carly:

Carly lives in Los Angeles, California with her Husband Hunter, and two children, boy/girl twins Slater & Zoe who are almost 18 months. She is a busy stay at home work from home mama, working as a PR/Social Media consultant and blogger over at Bun Bun Book a fashion, motherhood and lifestyle blog. Carly is also an LA ambassador to the HeyMama! community and an infertility advocate and supporter of NICU families/premies. This girl has a heart of gold and we are so excited to feature her on our podcast and in our community.


Connect with Carly:

Website | Instagram | Facebook | Email



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“There were no other names for these babies, it was just ‘the buns’.”


“I really focus on motherhood because that’s my life & I’m so passionate about being a mother.”


“I was completely shocked when that first pregnancy test was negative and then the next one and then the next one.”


“I knew if it was going to take awhile I just wanted to start the process now.”


“I really thought that IVF would be three more steps ahead should the other things not work.”


“Overall, I felt super excited about what was ahead of me and I felt incredibly fortunate that I had the means and the resources to do the treatments and I just had to hold on to that.”


“The needles were very tough. The retrieval was tougher. The recovery from that was even tougher.”


“The emotional pain added to the physical pain.”


“Every shot I took I just knew it was closer to my babies.”


“My doctor said you should put 1 [embryo] in if you’re trying to avoid twins and two [embryos] in if you really want to be pregnant.”


“I felt incredibly numb and isolated.”


“There were many reasons I didn’t open up about it and I think that unless you’ve gone through infertility there’s no way to explain the feeling, it’s just like this deep hole inside of you.”


“Many people felt something through it whether they were going through the same journey or if they had loved ones going through the journey. They just poured their hearts to me and asked for advice or tips or they even just thanked me.”


“I knew that if I was never to get pregnant I had some kind of purpose in sharing.”


“It took a long time to get to that point but I’m really happy that I shared.”


“I loved being pregnant. From the beginning to the end it was just so special to me.”


“I was happy sick. I could not have been more happy to be sick because I knew it was the sign of a healthy pregnancy.”


“I knew that they were going to come and that this was probably I’d ever sit down.”


“When they were born, I was just so grateful that they were there and that we got to go home and got to take our babies home. There are tons of miracles in there but so many tragedies as well. It’s just a hard place.”


“It’s a tricky place. You’re really trying to be strong for yourself and for your family and most importantly, for those babies, but you also have a lot of feelings going on inside.”


“Do your own research but then also just trust that they are doing the best that they can do.”


“So many stars have to line up to make a baby come into this world.”


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