Boundaries. Saying No to Say Yes Featuring Dr. Christine Sterling OBGYN

Are you wanting to build a doorway to manage who & what comes into & out of your life? Today we are talking about boundaries within motherhood and life with our guest, OBGYN and postpartum expert, Dr. Christine Sterling. In this episode, you will hear candid conversation about how each of us has struggled with establishing boundaries, how we have overcome some of those struggles, and why establishing boundaries, especially in motherhood, is so important. We also discuss some tips and tricks to help you be better about setting boundaries in your own life.

What’s In This Episode:

  • Christine’s background & how her career transitioned when she became a mom
  • What are boundaries, who needs them, and why we need them
  • The first boundary you establish in motherhood
  • Boundaries within pregnancy
  • How Christine’s boundaries have shifted from her first pregnancy to now
  • The way social media has impacted our boundaries
  • How to navigate setting boundaries within the context of challenging relationships
  • How to set boundaries within motherhood & with your children
  • Why it’s important to practice setting boundaries during pregnancy
  • Where mom guilt comes from
  • A practice that will help ensure your boundaries are aligning with your values
  • Why you need to be direct in your boundaries

About Christine:

Dr. Christine Sterling, M.D is an award-winning Obstetrician and Gynecologist and mother who believes women deserve better.


Dr. Sterling obtained her bachelor’s degree in neuroscience from the University of Southern California, graduating summa cum laude. She then continued at USC for her medical degree where she fell in love with women’s health. Today she combines her passion for taking care of women with her drive to understand the mysteries of the brain and the mind-body connection. Dr. Sterling has been meditating since childhood and over the last decade has studied Buddhist, Transcendental and Mindfulness techniques. She is an expert in the cutting-edge science of the brain and well as the ancient Eastern philosophies of the mind. Her background in neuroscience and meditation plays a large role in her approach to women’s health.


Nowhere is this perspective more important, or more needed, than in the care of pregnant and postpartum women.


Dr. Sterling trained in both the traditional medical model of prenatal care, as well as the midwifery model at one of the most prestigious obstetric training institutions in the country, the University of Southern California. For her own pregnancy, Dr. Sterling studied a number of different birthing techniques and after 30 hours of unmedicated labor gave birth to a beautiful little girl. She supports women through medicated and unmedicated vaginal deliveries as well as unplanned and planned cesareans. She is passionate about ending birth shaming. She believes all mothers deserve to be honored regardless of how their births unfolded. Her unique training at USC as well as her personal experiences allow her to bridge the gap between the Western Medicine and holistic health care worlds and offer the best of both.


Beyond birth, Dr. Sterling advocates that all women receive preparation for the fourth trimester, a time of healing and transformation after birth, during their pregnancy. "From the very beginning of pregnancy women can be developing the skills that will serve them not only in birth but in the weeks and months that follow. Every woman should enter the fourth trimester supported and prepared."


Dr. Sterling’s pregnancy philosophy is born of deep passion for improving the lives mothers. Her philosophy is routed in science, backed by research, peppered with personal experiences and filled with love.


Connect with Christine:

Website | Instagram



“Becoming a mom really opened up my career and I saw that there was more that I could be providing to women and to moms beyond just the physical experiences they were having.” - Christine Sterling


“My first pregnancy, I didn’t actually tell the world until I was all the way through my anatomy scan. So I waited until 20 weeks until I was assured that all of the anatomy was normal and there wasn’t something going on because that was what was right for me at that phase of my life. Fast forward to now where I’ve lost all boundaries and I’m sharing all of it on my Instagram.” - Christine Sterling


“Sometimes you have to push your boundaries.” - Christine Sterling


“Story and personal experience are such a powerful way to get information out as opposed to just doing facts and figures.”  - Christine Sterling


“I try to focus on what I’m protecting and not what I’m keeping out.” - Christine Sterling

“Boundaries aren’t really saying ‘no’, boundaries are saying ‘yes’ to something else.” - Jenn Rout


“We all have different truths.” - Lara Schulte


“To set boundaries you have to sit down and think about yourself and you have to think it through.” - Christine Sterling


“Mom life is just a constant negotiation of boundaries.” - Christine Sterling


“Mom guilt is a real problem and it needs to be addressed as a problem.” - Christine Sterling


“If it’s not a ‘heck yes’ it’s a ‘no’.” - Lara Schulte


“I can’t be everything to my child.” - Christine Sterling


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