Finding Joy in Seasons of Waiting Times

Do you find yourself in a season life that just seems still? Today, we are talking about waiting times, not waiting in line at the store, but times when you are waiting on the next big thing to happen whether that be a vacation, a baby, a promotion, or a relationship. We’ll talk about how those times can be frustrating & share some ways that you can embrace the waiting period.

What’s In This Episode:

  • How Jenn & Lara deal with times of waiting
  • A reflective exercise that helps deal with times of waiting
  • The different times of waiting that we experience & the feelings that we might experience in these seasons
  • How you deal with frustrations when you feel like you feel like you should be further ahead or in a different season than you are
  • How all of life is really a long waiting period
  • The importance of enjoying the moment and not just moving on to the next thing
  • What happens when you’re in a long period of waiting on something and it isn’t coming
  • Lessons you can learn in your waiting periods
  • What Jenn & Lara are currently waiting on



Girl Wash Your Face by Rachael Hollis




“I don’t try to make myself busier but maybe I just do because I have a hard time staying still.”


“When there’s not a lot happening, you feel a little uninspired.”


“I probably do better in the boring, uneventful stage though because that’s easier I think to kind of shake it up and just do something different to distract yourself.”


“Everything is temporary. Sometimes you need a break and you need things to be a little bit boring.”


“I let myself sit there and embrace it and learn from it.”


“I tend to talk about my feelings and be open about them because I figure if I talk enough than somebody else will say, “oh, me too”, and then I won’t be so alone.”


“I do much better when I know the outcome. I don’t like the transitional period and I don’t like not knowing.”


“When you have hindsight, it’s so much easier to say, “this is how you should handle it” or “this is my advice,” but when you’re in it it’s so much more challenging.”


“You kind of rob yourself of the goal you just achieved if you don’t sit there and take a moment.”


“If you’re kind of stuck and you’re frustrated and you feel like things aren’t happening that you want, it’s only because there’s something else out there that is better for you.”


“It always works out.”


“Everything is always changing so you’re always going to be in some season of waiting because everything is always moving around.”


“Set goals not time limits.”

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