Improving Your Relationship Intelligence with Haleh Gianni of 505 Living

Are you looking for a better understanding of you, your husband, and your kids? Today we are interviewing Haleh Gianni, a certified human behavior specialist and Life & Business coach. Haleh focuses on helping singles make conscious decisions about their personal and love lives, couples to enhance their relationships, and businesses to create cohesive and collaborative team environments. Today, we will be talking about addressing the daily challenges in motherhood while maintaining our energy, managing multiple perceptions and differences, and learning the importance of downtime when we are operating out of our weaknesses.  

What’s In This Episode:

  • Her career background and how her career pivoted after becoming a mom
  • What a life & business coach does and why people come to her
  • Haleh’s ability to customize her coaching for each of her clients
  • How Haleh helps her clients address the day-to-day challenges and maintain their energy level
  • The dynamic of multiple perceptions in one household
  • Identifying differences and managing them in a healthy manner
  • The importance of understanding ourselves on an objective level
  • Learning when you are operating out of your weakness
  • How vital downtime and knowing what brings you energy is to your bandwidth  
  • Knowing how to open our communication doorways especially with our children

About Haleh:

Haleh Gianni is a certified human behavior specialist and Life & Business coach. She focuses on helping singles make conscious decisions about their personal and love lives, couples to enhance their relationships, and businesses to create cohesive and collaborative team environments.


She is the founder of 505 Living, a coaching practice based in Solana Beach, CA. The mission of 505 Living is to reconnect people with their unique and underlying aspects of their potential capabilities and behavior resulting in making more appropriate decisions in all their relationships. She designs one of a kind coaching programs for each of her clients, with the use of a proprietary human assessment technology called the Ultimate Life Tool. She also has written an e-book titled the 505Mind, designed to provide readers with a 30-Day Mental Detox to enrich your life and upgrade your mindset.


Haleh, has received The Wisdom and Practitioner of the Year Award from The Y.O.U. Institute, where she sits as an active Board Member. For years she has volunteered her time as a Life Coach at The Tomorrow Project, a work readiness program for women in transition, along with her volunteer work with SOUL Charter Schools Entrepreneurial Program. She is chapter president for the LEAN IN CIRCLE of San Diego, and she holds regular community awareness classes highlighting different subjects that contribute to the well-being of human kind.

Haleh has positively contributed and impacted the lives of her clients and her community, but most of all to her 15 year old son, Nico! Her dedication to her coaching parallels to her dedication to being Mom, and we are so excited to dive in further to learn more about Haleh and how she manages being a Momprenuer and all the advice she can share with us about deeper understanding our relationships!


Connect with Haleh:

Website | Instagram | Facebook | Youtube



The ULT Assessment



“When I became a mother, something that just kind of sparked within me that I didn’t know would have been the case is that I wanted to feel aligned with my career. I didn’t just want to have a job. I wanted something that really fueled my soul.”


“Being a mother put me in a completely different frame of mind in terms of wanting to be a happy, fulfilled, aligned individual as a person myself so that I can not just teach that to my son but also be it.”


“We are all as unique as our thumbprints.”


“A life coach is someone who is able to see that uniqueness within each and every person that they work with with the goal of helping you navigate your life and also bring your well being up to a different level.”


“When I became a mom, I was looking for Generation.Mom but it didn’t exist.”


“Technology has grown exponentially and with it so has the pressure of creating this image of being a super mom.”


“The way you perceive life in general and even the chaos of day to day life is unique to you.”


“When you are fatigued and when you are completely depleted your perception is altered.”


“Anything and everything has a bandwidth. Beyond the bandwidth things can break down, there’s no more data being processed.”


“Your greatest weakness is the flip side of your greatest strength.”


“We don't have the luxury of being neglectful when it comes to downtime.”


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