Making Purpose Out of Pain – A Miscarriage Story with Kelsey Murphy of The Whiskey & Work Podcast

Have you or has someone you know experienced pregnancy loss? One of the most common experiences women have in their journeys to motherhood is pregnancy loss and although it’s uncomfortable to talk about, we feel it’s really important. Today, we are sharing the story of a fellow Generation.Mom, Kelsey Murphy of the Whiskey & Work podcast about her personal & recent miscarriage story. Kelsey is so brave to open up about her experience, and we are grateful she is doing so to help all women (including herself) and families of loss.

What’s In This Episode:

  • Kelsey’s career background prior to becoming a mom
  • When she knew it was time to grow her family from 3 to 4
  • What the beginning of her pregnancy with her second baby looked like
  • The story of her loss
  • Her immediate reaction to learning the news of losing her pregnancy
  • How she decided to proceed after having some time to process and research
  • The painful process when her body recognized she was no longer pregnant
  • Where Kelsey is at now after going through this experience
  • Her experience sharing her story publicly
  • What Kelsey and her husband told her daughter about the baby



“I just wanted to do something that I was more proud of, something that felt valuable to me, something that I felt really proud to tell people about.”


“When I became a mom, the big difference & the big ah-ha was really learning to focus on the things that I had control over and then letting go of the things that were meant just to happen.”


“At that point, all was well & we were overjoyed.”


“There’s no movement, there’s no growth, there’s no heartbeat at all but the sac around the baby taking care of the baby has continued to grow as if you’re pregnant.”


“Your body still thinks it’s pregnant.”


“I just went into problem-solving mode.”


“You want to make sure you didn’t do anything to make this happen.”


“As much as we were trying to figure out what we were going to do next it was almost as if we were still trying to figure out what happened and was it us?”


“The hard thing about miscarriage & this situation is there really is no better way, you’re just taking a risk, you’re taking a chance.”


“As a mom with a kid, you don’t really have the luxury to just break down hysterically all the time.”


“99% of people said do not take those pills.”


“I don’t think a lot of people explain that it can be very painful.”


“I don’t know why I need to see it, but I think maybe it was the closure that I needed.”


“Another surprise of miscarriage is that it is not just a week or a couple days. It’s many weeks and sometimes many months.”


“I think it was part of healing for me to get on and to talk about it. It was part healing and it was part trying to help with an awareness for people like my daughter and for people like my younger sister and for people that were potentially going to go through this.”


“Not everyone talks about the details of their miscarriage.”


“I can choose to look at it as a negative and a sad thing or I can choose to look at it as this wonderful thing that my body was doing to prepare my body for the next baby.”


About Kelsey:

Kelsey is a writer, speaker, career & life coach. She has been featured by major media outlets and works with corporations like Google, Apple & Facebook. She also works with women in her online community “Whiskey & Work” where she teaches women to let go of who they “think” they are, so they can step into who they want to become. She’s recently created & launched a podcast “Whiskey & Work Podcast”, where you will find refreshingly honest, comically entertaining and deeply inspiring episodes, that cover topics like, how to find your purpose, passion, and more motivation, to quitting your job & starting your own business. She interviews successful people like celebrity nutritionist & “Body Love” Author, Kelly Leveque, that will leave you inspired, And she always provides helpful tips and tricks for things like goal setting and time management. Kelsey manages her admirable career all while being mama to an adorable two-year-old girl Makenna!


Connect with Kelsey:

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