Marriage & The Baby Carriage

Does your marriage seem to go through just as many transitions as your baby did? Today, we’re talking about your marriage after the kids arrive. Both you & your husband are navigating new roles and new dynamics as you get used to a third party in your marriage. Studies show that marital satisfaction declines overall after children, but why? Does it have to be that way? How can we work through that together to ensure that the decline is only temporary?

What’s In This Episode:

  • What it means to be a parent and how it impacts marriage
  • The difference between marriage prior to children and after having a baby
  • How we can start addressing the changes in our marriage
  • The stressors that couples face once children are introduced
  • How conflict changes within marriages after baby
  • Being aware of what your partner needs and the five love languages
  • The notion that as a parent you don’t have time for intimacy
  • Ways to carve out time for your marriage




“Marriage, just like anything else in life, is going to have its seasons and its transitions.”


“Marriage is not supposed to be an easy thing, it takes effort.”


“Looking at marriage the same way you look at parenting, they are both active things you have to stay involved in.”


“The focus is taken away from you and your partner and it’s taken and put on the child.”


“When the baby comes, you now have to learn to do your marriage a different way regardless of your dynamic before.”


“Your responsibilities have, at a minimum tripled all of the sudden, so many more things to do. You’re just pulled in so many directions whereas before maybe you didn’t have to work as much on a marriage, now suddenly you have less time.”


“When you feed yourself you are able to give more to the rest of the dynamic and that includes your marriage.”


“You do have to be aware and you do have to communicate and think about how you can at least address it to a certain degree so it doesn’t boil up.”

“If I believe that I deserve to be in a romantic relationship and deserve to be happy and connected in my marriage, that’s what I’m teaching my son even though he is small.”


“You were a wife before you were a mother and you have to keep that in mind for the foundation of your family.”



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