More Than A Mom Featuring Maria Alcoke of The Engine Mom

Do you dream of being more than “mom”? Today, we are talking about making motherhood work while pursuing multiple passions with special guest, Maria Alcoke. Maria is the host of one of our favorite Mom Podcasts “The Mom Engine” and in this episode we are talking with her all about identifying and pursuing passions while being a mom. She shares about how she balances everything, how she is gearing up for baby number two, and her advice on how to get past distractions in order to pursue your dreams.

What’s In This Episode:

  • Maria’s career before kids and how it transitioned once she became a mother
  • The slow evolution of her career over time
  • When she started The Engine Mom Podcast & why she started it
  • What “Engine Mom” stands for
  • How she manages and balances everything
  • The importance of giving yourself grace when things don’t go as scheduled
  • How being a mom has added to her existing passions
  • The impact her work and passions have had on her daughter
  • Maria’s tips for moms who have many passions
  • How she is gearing up for baby number two
  • Her recommendations for getting past the distractions to pursue what you are passionate about
  • What advice Maria would give to a new mom



“Making more money does not necessarily make me happy or satisfied.”


“I’m not an expert. I’m not here as the host of this show to say that I’m an expert on anything.”


“Everybody has their own experiences and their own perspectives which is why I was so interested in getting these conversations recorded.”


“Motherhood is definitely not a one size fits all gig.”


“We have all these different moving parts in our lives that we have to tend to in order for us to be optimal, and in order for our engine to function optimally, and in order for us to be the driver, so to speak, and to take control of our lives.”


“Routines are crucial.”


“I’ve really worked on giving myself space to just be flexible while still knowing that I have this plan in place.”


“They are sponges and if you can lead by example they’re going to pick up on those things that you do every day.”


“As parents, and especially as mothers, we struggle to ask for help when we think we are supposed to be doing everything.”


“Be appreciative of the help you have and leverage that.”


“I don’t feel like I’m trying to be competitive. I don’t feel like I’m trying to push myself too hard. I’m being really aware of where I’m at in this stage.”


“Expectations and reality are very different.”


“What are the things that make you feel whole outside of your kids?”


“The biggest part of figuring out what you’re passion about is realizing where does your heart take you when you have the time to kind of day dream or think about things outside of your family circle.”


“Think about where you want to be a year from now. Think about where you want to be two years from now & what needs to happen between now and then. What needs to happen in one week? What needs to happen in two weeks? What needs to happen in a month?”


“That’s ok to be selfish every once in awhile.”


“Allow yourself to explore and don’t be afraid to mess up.”



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About Maria:

Maria is the host and creator of “The Engine Mom Podcast” a podcast about how Moms can have multiple passions and interests outside of Motherhood and how we can break the idea of abandoning our goals and dreams once we become a parent.


Maria is also a freelance designer, running a virtual graphic design and web development studio called MariaVida Creative, where she supports small businesses in branding, marketing and web-based creative projects. She is also a fitness coach for Crossfit as well as a pre/postnatal fitness coach, working with athletes of all levels and pregnant and postpartum women.


On top of all of this Maria is Mom to an adorable 3 year- old girl, Sage and is expecting her second daughter this December! Plus, she is all things Wife, Daughter, Sister, Friend, just about everything that defines a true modern woman and modern mama.


Connect with Maria:

Website | Podcast | Instagram | Facebook

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