Push it Real Good. Our Birth Stories

Are you ready to get to know us just a little bit more? Today we are talking about our personal birth stories with our sons. We’re getting personal in an effort to connect further with all of you! We’ll be sharing about labor, delivery, and those first few moments as moms.

What’s In This Episode:

  • A fun fact about both of our deliveries
  • Lara’s experience with labor & birth
  • Her thoughts on having a birth photographer
  • How Sawyer slept the first few weeks
  • Jenn’s experience with going over her due date
  • Her labor & delivery experience
  • The benefits of the vaginal seeding procedure
  • What a c-section feels like


 “I walked around for that month just expecting that my baby would be early which was a total lie and not an expectation that I should have had.” - Lara Schulte

 “As I’m driving him to work I’m feeling more and more contractions but I’m just kind of ignoring them because I was just told there was no way I was going to have the baby that day.” - Lara Schulte

 “I started timing them and I realized there was a pattern and they were getting more significant.” - Lara Schulte

 “If this baby is going to come, I’d rather have it in my living room than on the freeway so I’m going to hold out until traffic is over.” - Lara Schulte

 “I immediately said, ‘I’ll take my epidural.’” - Lara Schulte

 “A little bit of Pitocin went a long way in a very short period of time.” - Lara Schulte

 “We opened our eyes and saw him for the first time and it was just the most magical moment.” - Lara Schulte

 “When we left the hospital I cried because I was terrified.” - Lara Schulte

 “I just really wanted to avoid surgery again.” - Jenn Rout

 “Eventually I had to give in to the doctor and I went in to be induced.” - Jenn Rout

 “It felt to me like I was having a non-stop contraction.” - Jenn Rout

 “I’m in so much pain because my uterus has basically not rested for however many hours that is so I said, ‘you have to give me some medication, there’s no way I’m going to be able to push out a baby because I’m exhausted already.’” - Jenn Rout

 “We just continued down the path of Pitocin and all the things and me trying really hard to just keep it together.” - Jenn Rout

 “We were disappointed but I was so exhausted, I don’t know how I would have been able to push the baby out anyway.” - Jenn Rout

 “So basically we pack my vagina with gauze, Tim & I sit there and hang out and pretend like it’s not awkward with all these people coming in & then they wheel me into the room to do the c-section.” - Jenn Rout

 “It will feel like someone is doing dishes in your stomach.” - Jenn Rout

 “I’m basically throwing up the entire procedure.” - Jenn Rout

 “I saw him and saw he was alive and I just felt immense relief that I had made it through this process and that the baby was here.” - Jenn Rout

 “You just can’t plan for these things.” - Lara Schulte


Vaginal Seeding Study

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