Staying True to You in Motherhood Featuring Katie Burke of Method Financial Planning

Do you feel like your transition into motherhood was like going through puberty -- a roller coaster of emotions alongside of identifying with the new you. Today, we’re talking about the importance of being authentic to your self in motherhood and in your career. Katie Burke of Method Financial Planning is here to share her personal story about her journey through matrescence, and how that journey renewed her appreciation for the importance of authenticity both in her career and motherhood.


What’s In This Episode:

  • What matrescence is
  • Katie’s career and mindset before she had children
  • How her perspective shifted after having her first baby
  • The changes that she made in her career after becoming a mom
  • The types of clients that she loves working with
  • What she learned most about motherhood in her transitional period
  • How motherhood allowed her to find her true authentic self
  • Katie’s tips to identify what you want in business and motherhood
  • The parallels between being an entrepreneur and being a mom
  • The iceberg analogy and how it applies to career and motherhood
  • How her desire to create authentic, supportive spaces has furthered her career & influenced how she has built her business
  • How important community is in motherhood
  • The pitfalls of not being authentic in your financial life
  • What a financial planner does
  • Katie’s financial planning tips for moms
  • Her advice for working moms that are in the midst of adjusting their careers


About Katie:

Katie is a wife, boy mom to two very energetic little ones and a business owner. She is a certified financial planner, the founder of Method Financial Planning and co-founder of Equita Financial Network.  Her business, Method Financial Planning, is a fee-only financial planning firm that works with clients across the nation. They offer comprehensive financial planning and investment management services to leave their clients with peace of mind so they can focus on their family, their career and all of the things that matter most.  


Connect with Katie:

Website | Facebook | Instagram



“Before I had my babies my career was my baby.” - Katie Burke


“The turning point was me leaving there and going on maternity leave.” - Katie Burke


“You’re so inundated with everything baby that I just remember for those 14 weeks of maternity leave I wasn’t craving going back right away like I thought I would.” - Katie Burke


“You don’t really know what you want or what you’re going to need until the baby arrives.” - Jenn Rout


“I started to think about what would work better for my family and also what I needed to be successful in my career and as a mom. I needed to have flexibility in my schedule. I needed to not be in an office that was 45 minutes away from my son. I wanted to be able to see him when I wanted to during the day.” - Katie Burke


“As a mom, if I can make anybody either come to my home or do things virtually, I will use them time and time again.” - Lara Schulte


“You became a mother & your son helped give you the birth of this new business.” - Jenn Rout


“I learned that I didn’t have to lose my identity. My identity for so long and where I felt most comfortable in my life and where my true authentic self was for so much of my adult life was my career.” - Katie Burke


“Motherhood allowed you to become your authentic self.” - Lara Schulte


“Even though I had this career and I was doing what I loved, it didn’t bring out of me who I thought I really was.” - Katie Burke


“There’s huge peaks and valleys to both.” - Katie Burke


“We can’t do this alone, the community really is so important.” - Jenn Rout


“Nobody else is going to understand what you’re going through as a mom like another mom.” - Lara Schulte


“Part of the financial plan is not just looking at where you are today but also where you want to go in your future.” - Katie Burke


“Understanding your cash flow and creating a budget is where I want everyone to start.” - Katie Burke

“3-6 months of your monthly budget should be saved in your emergency fund as cash.” - Katie Burke


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