Throwback Episode – Got Sleep? with Natalie Fitzgerald

Dreaming of more sleep? Today, in part 2 of our conversation with Natalie of The Sleep Shop, we discuss all things sleep! We talk about what a sleep coach does, why sleep is so important, when to start sleep training, sleep props and sleep associations, and so much more! You will not want to miss Natalie’s valuable insight! If you missed part 1, we talked all about creating a career and business that allowed Natalie the flexibility and lifestyle that she wanted as a mom, make sure to go back and listen!


What’s In This Episode:

  • What a sleep coach does & what sleep coaching is
  • How additions to the family can change the sleep dynamics
  • Natalie’s philosophy on sleep training
  • Why sleep is so important for babies
  • Night sleep vs. day sleep
  • When do you start sleep training & whether all babies need sleep training or not
  • The sleep props that you should avoid and how to transition away from them
  • What sleep associations are & how they can be used
  • Sleep rituals and routines
  • Why it’s ok to let babies or toddlers fuss or cry when they are in the last stages of their ritual or routine
  • Transitioning away from night feedings
  • How to determine when a toddler wants you vs. when they need you
  • The importance of giving toddlers choices during their nighttime routines
  • Getting two kids on a similar schedule
  • How to see nap transitions are coming
  • Postnatal depletion and how sleep schedules help you combat it



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“I work with individual families in helping them find a rhythm that’s sustainable for their lifestyle and their baby.”


“Everyone is so different & had different needs and I figure out a way to meet those needs.”


“A nap really needs to be 2 full sleep cycles, two forty-five minute cycles, and that second cycle of sleep is really when they are filtering through the skills that they are learning.”


“When a baby is about twenty minutes into their sleep cycle, they’re knocked out, you can open the door & they won’t move but around that thirty or fourty-five minute mark it’s a dicey game.”


“Night sleep is different than day sleep.”


“You can’t sleep train a newborn, but you can help them learn good sleep habits early on so that you don’t actually have to sleep train.”


“Nap patterns start to establish between 3-6 months.”


“After 6 months, it can be hard to change a pattern, it can be harder to break a habit, just because that baby has known and expected one way for a long time.”


“Babies only know what you teach them.”


“If you’re feeding your baby to sleep and you want to change that habit, you can start by just feeding them until you see them fall into that state of drowsy instead of totally knocked out.”


“Babies and kids love to know what to expect, especially when it comes to sleep.”


“One thing that can help with toddlers is creating a very clear nap and bedtime routine and one thing I like to do is to make it visual because toddlers love visuals.”


“Once you get in a negotiation or a battle with a toddler, you’re not going to win. You’re already losing if you’re in negotiation with your toddler.”


About Natalie:

After having her first child Connor (2012), Natalie struggled with some difficult months following the birth of her son. Having consistent routines and a sleep schedule that helped her son sleep through the night early on was one of the only ways she survived those months.


Natalie started helping friends who reached out for infant sleep advice only to find they were having the same success.


It became her passion to work with families – together developing sustainable routines and schedules aligned with each parenting style, while meeting the unique needs of these babies – universally and perhaps most importantly, the need for sleep! Natalie and her husband Danny welcomed daughters Kate (2014) and Makenna (2017) and as their family grew so did Natalie’s devotion to helping families adjust to life with new babies. Natalie is currently working on her Postpartum Doula certification through DONA International where she has already undergone extensive training to work with families during the perinatal period.


Connect with Natalie:

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