When Life Gives You A Heart Tumor

Was your journey to motherhood not quite as smooth as you expected it to be? Today, we are taking things to a little more of a personal level as we are featuring Jenn Rout, our very own Generation.Mom co-founder, and her journey to motherhood. Jenn discusses how she navigated having a rare tumor in her heart in order to ensure that she eventually would get the opportunity to become a mom. You will walk away from this episode learning a lot more about Jenn and how she used her strength and resilience to see the big picture!

What’s In This Episode:

  • Where Jenn’s path to motherhood first began
  • When she first learned about the rare cardiac tumor inside her heart
  • What happened after the incidental finding of the tumor
  • Her husband’s reaction to the news
  • The feelings she had at her first appointment with the cardiologist
  • What the next few months looked like after the diagnosis
  • How her mindset shifted after finding out about the tumor
  • How her desire to be a mother impacted the treatment options
  • The way she prepared her mind for surgery
  • Her surgery experience
  • How the process was very draining for her & how she coped with that
  • The recovery process after open heart surgery
  • When they were able to start trying to get pregnant
  • How the whole process changed her outlook on life
  • Jenn’s advice for those going through a stressful medical event


“My path to motherhood, at least when I think of when it actually started, it started with open heart surgery, which I think is not really most people’s path to deciding to have babies or have a family.” - Jenn Rout


“All he said was, ‘we’ve discovered a heart abnormality and we are referring you to cardiology,’ and that was all the information that he would give me.” - Jenn Rout


“When the doctor comes into the room for the first time, he comes in with four people.” - Jenn Rout


“I basically thought I was going to die for like three days.” - Jenn Rout


“Often times they say cardiac tumors go undiagnosed, at least when you’re alive, because there aren’t warning signs for people.” - Jenn Rout


“I wasn’t considered emergency and the reason that it was not was because I had not had any symptoms and my heart function mapped fine.” - Jenn Rout


“Those moments are really, really short that affect your trajectory in life.” - Jenn Rout


“They all definitively said, ‘no, if you want to be a mother in the way that you carry your own child, if you want to be pregnant, then you definitely need to have treatment.’” - Jenn Rout


“I chose the pig valve so that I could try for children.” - Jenn Rout


“The doctor said that I did very well and he said, ‘you’ll be pregnant within a year.’” - Jenn Rout


“The month that I ended up having heart surgery was the month that we had said that we would start trying for a baby.” - Jenn Rout


“I finally got to the place that I was grateful for my heart tumor and I would do all of that again even though it was one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life.” - Jenn Rout


“We did all the things we wanted to do, we just sort of delayed them.” - Jenn Rout


“The worrying doesn’t actually affect the data or the outcome.” - Jenn Rout


“You don’t have to do it all on your own.” - Jenn Rout


“People want to help.” - Jenn Rout

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