Infant Nutrition – What’s in Breast Milk & Formula

Sponsored by: KABRITA. Kabrita goat milk foods and formula are naturally easy to digest and non-GMO. To see if Kabrita is right for your family, order you trial kit at

Breast milk is the gold standard of infant nutrition.  When formula is needed or chosen it should be modeled as closely to breast-milk as possible and Kabrita USA has done just that with their naturally easy to digest goat milk formula.   In this dedicated episode Dr. Berlin sits down with Kabrita's Dr. Annie Salsberg, an infant nutrition expert and educator, to break down the nutritional elements found in breast milk and explain what they do.  We then discuss how Kabrita set out to produce a safe, effective and nutritionally complete non-GMO goat milk formula with 22 vitamins and minerals.  We then address a series of listener submitted questions and concerns.

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