45: Food Trends 2019 with Dr. Joan Salge Blake, EdD, RDN

What are the hottest diet and food trends for 2019? From the keto diet and non-dairy milk alternatives to dinners cooked campfire style in foil packets, today's guest puts this year's food trends into perspective. Joining me is Dr. Joan Salge Blake, long-time friend, colleague, author of Nutrition & You, and Clinical Associate Professor at Boston University.

Here are the top trends you'll hear about on the show: the keto diet, the push to lower added sugar in everyday food products, non-dairy milk, foods cooked in foil,  and plant-based eating. 

Show Highlights:

  • A new foil-packet dinner recipe for Cod, Carrot, & Green Beans, which can be used with any seafood. It’s seasoned with green onions and teriyaki sauce and topped with a fresh avocado sauce.
  • Check out my blog, with a dozen new foil pack dinner recipes.
  • What’s coming up on the podcast in 2019? A listener survey to get specific feedback and show ideas and my soon-to-be-announced “March into Good Nutrition” campaign featuring short videos to answer your questions and solve listener cooking and nutrition challenges.
  • Joan’s Italian background and how her love of good food led her to become a dietitian and help others to eat better.
  • Joan’s work as a professor at Boston University, nutrition textbook author, and her work in media (she’s logged over 1,500 interviews).
  • Food trends in 2019:
    • The Keto Diet: Very low in carbohydrates, moderate in protein, and very high in fat
      • The evidence shows that the Keto Diet is helpful for children with epilepsy, but more research is needed on its role in weight loss 
      • The Keto Diet is a far cry from the healthiest diet of all. What's the most popular diet style out there? The Mediterranean diet!  
      • The bottom line on the Keto Diet: “Try it if you want to, because it may or may not work for you.”
    • Lower sugar content:
      • Upcoming new labeling requirements on the Nutrition Facts Panel will begin in January 2020, and the goal is to make it easier to identify sugar content in foods
      • Why you can’t just “cut out” all sugar in products and foods
      • Liz's recipe for Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins
    • Non-dairy milk alternatives, which provide different ways to drink, cook, and bake
      • Look out for added sugar in milk alternatives
      • Regular milk is packed with protein, potassium, vitamin D, and calcium, and the alternatives don’t always measure up nutritionally
    • Foil-pack dinners are easy, no muss, no fuss ways to prepare healthy meals:
      • The food inside steams and stays moist
      • No mess, no fuss, and no dishes to clean up
      • This method reduces food waste by using up leftover vegetables
    • Plant-based eating, which is a trend that’s being repeated and finally understood
    • Fermented foods, which are being promoted as champions of gut health
  • Joan’s podcast, Spot On, launching at the end of January. It focuses on health and wellness for college students and will be full of trendy and useful nutrition information.
  • Joan’s family favorite recipe: homemade pizza.
  • Joan’s advice: “Make sure you get food and nutrition advice from credible and trained nutritionists and dietitians.”




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