EP01: Stay at home mom (not necessarily by choice) of 3 with Sara Topping

Sara Topping is a mom who lives with her husband, three sons, five chickens and dog on the East End of Long Island, NY and keeps a mostly disordered household.  She is a co-founder of a local non-profit organization called the East End Birth Network and works part time as a massage therapist which is her licensed profession.  She likes to think progressively and makes her own motherhood rule book with torn out pages from other fabulous moms and is constantly editing it. She finds calm in crafts and is a closet crochet/quilter/needleworker and fan of the Voice.  She is a minimalist traveler at heart and loves spicing up her life by moving furniture around.

Listen as Sara shares how:

  • Being a first time mom of twins differs from being a second time mom to a single baby.
  • She felt the decision to stay home was made for her.
  • She feels confident as a parent (and how fleeting that is).
  • Our society/culture should be supporting new families.
  • She balances being the primary disciplinarian and the “fun parent”.
  • She keeps her mind stimulated when she’s home with her three boys.
  • Deciding which child needs her attention in that moment makes her feel.

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“A lot of decisions were made for me.” - Sara Topping


“Take it one breath at a time”- Sara Topping


“I don’t like saying it gets easier, it gets different.” - Sara Topping


“I feel so limited, even just leaving the house.” - Sara Topping


“I’m going to shave my legs because that will make me feel better about myself.” - Sara Topping


“You feel like you’re trudging through quicksand and being pulled in every direction.” - Sara Topping


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