EP02: Sara Topping: Deconstructing the “Stay at Home Mom” Myth

This week we are deconstructing our conversation from last week with Sara Topping.  Here’s that episode. Sara is a *mostly* stay at home mom of 3 young boys on the East End of Long Island.  

Liz and Kate discuss:

  • the ups and downs of the myth that the “Stay at Home Mom” as the ideal.
  • How we take it breath by breath
  • How storytelling plays a role in our lives (check out something scientific)
  • Reasons why we started this podcast    


Blog Post: What we fear most about our parenting journey

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“The good breaths get better and last longer.” - Kate Turza

“As a parent, all you can do is your best.” - Liz Sanicola

“We are the hardest on ourselves.” - Kate Turza

“Storytelling makes us relatable.” - Liz Sanicola

“Despite being surrounded by people, motherhood is extremely isolating.” - Kate Turza

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