EP41: Jen Dary, Leaning on Community for Help

This week we are talking with Jen Dary. Jen is a leadership coach and speaker; she travels across the US teaching workshops, including her popular course, So Now You’re a Manager, which trains new managers across the country for the complex work of herding humans. Jen lives in Berkeley, CA with her husband and two young sons. Listen as she shares her unique motherhood journey, what happened in her life to call on her peers for help, and how she hopes that her children take a page from her book and can talk to anyone regardless of status, race, or language barrier.

Listen as Jen shares how she:

  • Suffered from postpartum depression and how that led to her starting her business.
  • Cherishes her friendships and community.
  • Built her community after a move across the country (hint: she started it herself!).
  • Publicly reached out for help when she was struggling.
  • Plans on writing a memoir about her experience.
  • Recognizes her experience has shaped her life and changed her priorities.
  • Doesn’t let her experience define who she is.
  • Loves the New Year and goal sets at the beginning of each year.
  • Believes we all evolve, regardless of the weight of our “problems”.
  • Incorporated the concept of Shabbat into her family’s monthly routine.
  • Hopes to give her children a superpower.
  • Has a strong relationship with her family, despite living far apart from one another.
  • Finds spontaneity can help her stay present with her kids.
  • Called up a friend’s mom to find out what her “secret” was to have her adult children want to have a close relationship with her. 

“When in doubt, invite somebody over.  We are all waiting to be invited over to somebody’s house.” - Jen Dary

“It’s extremely clarifying.  What are we even arguing over?” - Jen Dary

“I had to give up any plans I had for his first year of life and let the family that flew in to help, let my husband help.” - Jen Dary

“Don’t waste any time in your life being afraid.” - Jen Dary

“There is so much we can’t control in life.  On some level, what you can control is your state of mind.” - Jen Dary

“I find it really restorative to spend one on one time with one of my kids.” - Jen Dary


Preemie by Kasie Matthews

Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

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New Year’s Workbook: Susannah Conway


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