EP42: Are Social Norms Stifling My Child’s Creativity?

This week we are deconstructing last week's episode with Jen Dary of Beplucky.com. If you haven't listened, be sure to download Episode 41, which is chock full of inspiring insights and positive perspectives despite facing an insane life challenge. Join us this week as we discuss our highs and lows, our words of the year and our hopes for the future.

Listen as Liz and Kate discuss:

  • High: February break bliss.
  • Low: Imposing social norms on your children, is this stifling their creativity?
  • Children being heartbroken by opinions of their peers.
  • Books that we re-read over and over again.
  • Our words for 2019: Trust & Explore.
  • Superpowers we want our children to have.
  • Power of sharing your story.

Eat, Pray, Love By Elizabeth Gilbert

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

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Crate Joy

Real Plans

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