EP48: Taking Steps Towards Natural Living

This week we are deconstructing our last episode with Megan Whitaker and if you haven't listened, go back and download Episode 47. As a refresher she delved into her adventures in natural living and the repercussions she faced, good and bad. Today, we're jumping in to our highs and lows, how we manage our family's health and the crazy things kids pick up or say at school.

Listen as Liz and Kate share:

High: Finding a secret extra bedroom in the house!?High OR Low? Teaching children new athletic skills and lifelong lessons.Natural/Green Living: it’s not black and white, there are lots of versions of incorporating green living into your home.Know your source for information on decision making for your family.Judgment of other moms are reflective of our own insecurities as parents.Our feelings on the healthcare system in the U.S.Wellness of our families: decisions we are privileged enough to be able to make.What our children come home from school saying.How sheltered our children still are.LINKS FROM SHOW:


Reliving our softball days on Instagram.

Updated Food Pyramid: Choose My Plate

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