EP59: Cathryn Monro, Practicing Self-Inquiry as a Mother

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This week we are talking with author, Cathryn Monro. Her life, training and work combine her creative drive, a commitment to meaningful education, self-inquiry and group learning processes, and yoga and meditation practices. She wrote Spilt Milk Yoga: A Guided Self-Inquiry To Finding Your Own Wisdom, Joy, And Purpose Through Motherhood. Cathryn lives with her husband and two daughters in Wellington, New Zealand.  She rates mothering as by far the most challenging, creative, important and fulfilling of jobs. Listen to Cathryn as she talks about the importance of practicing self inquiry and acknowledging our own feelings, not just our children’s.
MORE FROM CATHRYN. - Cathryn’s Website. -  Cathryn’s Book: Spilt Milk Yoga. -  Cathryn’s Facebook Group: Spilt Milk Yoga. -  Follow Cathryn on Facebook. -  Follow Cathryn on Instagram

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