95: The AfterBirth Plan

Dr. Alyssa Berlin is on to talk about planning for life after the birth of your child. We often don't consider what happens after the baby comes home, or how our relationship might change.

It's important to consider planning for life after you come home with baby! Dr. Berlin uses some really great analogies and examples about our needs during this time. She discusses how to strengthen the couple to be prepared for life with baby, but also normal life after a child. 

We discuss what postpartum planning is...real expectations, relationships changes, planning for 'normal and learning what could happen...

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Dr. Alyssa Berlin is a clinical psychologist specializing in pregnancy, postpartum and parenting, a labor support doula and a certified Gottman educator. Dr. Berlin is the creator of The AfterBirth Plan Workshop, a program that prepares couples for what to expect after a baby is born and how to prepare for a physically and emotionally healthy postpartum transition for the baby, for each partner and for the evolving relationship. Dr. Berlin is is on the Board of Advisors for the International Cesarean Awareness Network (ICAN) and is a faculty member of Maternal Mental Health NOW Training institute. You can read Dr. Alyssa's blogs on the Huffington Post where she contributes to PBS's 'This Emotional Life" project. Dr. Alyssa and her husband, prenatal chiropractor Dr. Elliot Berlin live in Los Angeles and are the proud parents of four amazing children.

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