Behind the Scenes: May

Dude, MAY IS CRAZY, but guys! We made it! Maycember is over, which means it's our favorite time of the month! (Not our lady-time because that is obviously NOT our favorite time...)

In these end of month episodes we are letting our hair down, pulling back the curtain, and getting super honest about how it's going as we pursue our creative passions in the middle of motherhood and our right-now lives. While we fully believe it's possible to hold the two together, we don't pretend for a second that it's always easy or simple. We're keepin' it real for y'all.

Today we're dishing all about what's working and what's NOT working in our personal lives and in this episode we just about covered it all! From dog hair in the carpet to hard conversations with our spouse to screen time and beyond.

We're sharing practical ways to:

  • Overcome self doubt
  • Uncover your "thing"
  • Make a To-Don't List (you need this in your life!)
  • Take the pressure off in seasons of overwhelm

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