Heather Boersma

Pull up a chair and lean in real close because today's convo with Heather Boersma is going to light you up inside and set you free some of the perceived limitations you may be holding on to.

If you:

  • Feel like there's something tugging on your heart, a dream, an idea, a project, or a goal that's taking longer than you hoped
  • Struggle to stay present instead of sprinting ahead to the next thing
  • Worry about why you've yet to hit your stride
  • Have ever struggled with how to align your schedule with your heart's core values, then this episode is for you, sister.

Heather is a wife, mom, life coach, speaker, writer, and she might just blow your mind with this simple and minimalist approach to pursuing those passions in the middle of motherhood and her daily life.

Enjoy episode #85 and if it speaks to you, will you pass it on to a friend?

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